Méditerranée mon amour

Every morning, open your window and let yourself be dazzled by the sunlight that reflects on a white wall or that makes all the colors of the Mediterranean palette sparkle. The blue of the sky and the sea, the ochre of the earth and the handmade potteries, and all the shades of green: the tender green of the vine, the grey green of olive trees, the pale green of almond trees and the more vivid green of palm trees or fig trees. Let yourself be inebriated by the scent of lavender, aromatic herbs or precious olive oil. Take refuge for a siesta in the shade of an olive tree. Whether you live in a house in a village wrapped around a rocky outcrop, or a sumptuous villa nestled in greenery, or with your feet almost in the water, you love the Mediterranean, you love living there.

Our properties in Méditerranéearrow

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Kretz is an independent company specializing in luxury real estate in France and internationally for 10 years. The responsiveness and constant technological innovation of this family agency maintains it as a leader in the high-end market in western Paris.
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