How can you resist the incomparable energy of London? From the elegant districts of the West End to the trendy new neighborhoods, the city radiates an incredible vitality. We discover the interiors of the most inventive young designers, talented architects take over old stables or disused churches, beautiful Victorian brick houses cohabit with modern and fanciful ones. The most cosmopolitan trends and original styles are born here. London combines the most pleasant of gardens, parks, and village-like neighborhoods with the most exciting and extravagant of city lifestyles. A lifestyle where you dare to do anything because it does not matter what others think. Everyone experiences London in their own way. Delight in this magical city whilst enjoying the traditional afternoon tea.

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Kretz is an independent company specializing in luxury real estate in France and internationally for 10 years. The responsiveness and constant technological innovation of this family agency maintains it as a leader in the high-end market in western Paris.
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