A magical and dazzling light comes from the invigorating air of the Atlantic - it sparkles on the white, timepolished cobblestones of Lisbon and electrifies the city. The trendy vibrations shake the discreet and elegant charm of the old neighborhoods. Beautiful palaces, azulejo-adorned buildings and purely decorative balconies are reinvented as contemporary and creative homes. The city retains its gentle way of life. Enjoy its serenity sitting quietly on the terrace of a kiosk savoring a pastel de nata or stroll through the narrow streets to discover the hidden treasures of the new artistic creation. In Comporta, breathe the sea air on wooden terraces facing the rice fields. Relax in villas or contemporary houses, in full harmony with nature. The invigorating spirit of this new Portugal is everywhere and only one idea comes to mind, to move there.

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